Zamil Infra Thailand

Zamil Infra Thailand is one of the fastest growing, global delivery infrastructure services company. It offers integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services in the telecom, infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. It was established in 2012, Zamil Infra offers turnkey infrastructure services in sectors of Passive Telecom, Solar Power Sites and Data Centers. ZIPL is expanding its services in various other verticals as well. It offers site supplies, O&M services and energy solutions in the telecom sector.

Zamil existing offerings in Thailand for customer TRUE

Sites build part

  • Site Survey and Design works.
  • Supply and installation of Telecom Towers.
  • All site civil and electrical works.

In last 6 months we were able to deliver the following

  • Registered Full Turn Key Vendor in TRUE and AIS
  • Working for TRUE GIF Project with a potential 6000 Sites Roll out
  • AIS first quarter roll out for 2015 is 1200 sites where Zamil could supply towers to AIS other registered vendor
  • A Local Tower partner in Thailand is Siam Steel Tower for TRUE

Our Customers



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