Zamil Infra Dubai

Zamil Infra UAE was established in UAE in 2010. All Zamil products such as air-conditioners, shelters, Monopoles, Towers are approved by Etisalat & DU. We have since come a long way, having built sites on full turnkey basis using all our approved products, including the Towers, Monopoles, Shelters & Air-conditioners. We have supplied and commissioned more than 200 Shelters for Etisalat on a turnkey basis.

We have been providing power solutions to power the GSM cell sites, which include supply of Gensets, rentals of Gensets and fuelling of Gensets. We have maintained & fuelled gensets, through preventive maintenance schedules, fuelling schedules and attending call outs to adhere to the strict contracted Service Level Agreements.

We have built a huge passive facility for DU on the Saudi Border which houses the international gateway between Saudi Arabia and UAE at the Sila Border. Most of the facility uses fibre raceways which were installed and commissioned.

We have supplied more than 800, 3 Ton Package Air Conditioners in the UAE within the telecom market, with our own state of the art controller, designed for Etisalat and DU for their individual schedules and approved by both.